Crowdfunding just went live!


We’re super-excited! Crowdfunding just went live – if you want to help us investigate the science behind Lil Bub’s special looks and magic, go to our site and donate.

Just go on our site and click the "Fund this project" button. Just go on our site and click the “Fund this project” button.

Thanks so much for your support!!!

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Towards new horizons: sequencing Lil Bub’s genome through crowdfunding

Update 15/04/2105: Crowdfunding just went live! If you’d like to donate, go to our site!

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you might have noticed a lack of posts over the last couple of months. This was largely because I’ve been busy setting up a new project with two friends (and former collaborators) of mine: to sequence the genome of Lil Bub, an internet celebrity cat – with the help of crowdfunding. We’ve christened the project the LilBubome, and after many months of preparation we’ve finally launched our blog, our twitter and our facebook page. The crowdfunding will start in 4 days.

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