Wind of change

Last year I wrote a blog post lamenting that the criteria for obtaining a PhD degree are extremely diverse between different universities. This can be particularly problematic if you have to complete your degree within a limited period of time, but the papers associated with your research need longer to get published. It’s a critical point, because many fellowships require a good publication record, but have time-restricted eligibility criteria – counting from the day you obtained your PhD. The Medical Research Council, a major funding body for medical research in the UK, was one of them. Until recently.

Today, Simone Bryan, Programme Manager for Strategic Projects at the MRC, published a blog post (Science doesn’t only need sprinters) explaining that the time-bound criteria has been removed from their fellowship applications. Kudos MRC! This is great news and hopefully a sign that a general wind of change is coming to the academic funding landscape…


Change? by SomeDriftwood