Woman, know thy place!

Generally, I try not get (too) involved in the whole gender bias, glass ceiling, women having to chose between family and career, etc debate, mainly because I think it’s too complex an issue to briefly discuss in a blog post. But a new Hungarian ad for a fair for women has made my blood boil, and calls for commentary.


The exposition is titled “Csupa nő”, which is a play on words, and can mean either “only/many women” orextremely feminine”. The slogan of the fair is “A Fair, where we pay attention only to you” (“vásár és figyelem csak Neked”), and it promises to deal with “the issues modern women face daily” (“A modern nők mindennapi kérdéseivel” foglalkozik). Posters and video ads, generated in a 50million HUF (approx 200,000 $) media campaign, boldly advertise the 6 topics that could be important for women: lifestyle, gastronomy, health, establishing a home, family and the female soul.

Note the absence of “education”, “career”, “jobs” or any similar category. I’m assuming those are issues that were considered irrelevant for modern women…


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