The Uncommon Microscopist

I am an ardent admirer of Alan Bennett’s work. One of my favourite books of all time, The Uncommon Reader, was penned by him. It’s a fictional story about the Queen of England, and what happens when she starts reading books. While the moral of the story is about how literature can broaden your horizon, it also contains an extremely comic description of the grave consequences the Queen’s reading has on her entire entourage and ultimately her country.

the-uncommon-reader-by-alan-bennettWell, yesterday, I stumbled upon a little post by the Schuh lab in Cambridge. The page documents the Queen’s visit to the lab, when she came to Cambridge for the opening ceremony of the new MRC LMB building in May 2013. The page has the title “the queen learns about research in the Schuh lab”, and contains a picture with the caption: „The Queen even looked down the microscoscope to study a group of mouse oocytes“. I do wonder. If reading a book can have a profound impact on the Queen, her followers and her country – what might happen when she learns about research, not to mention when she studies a group of mouse oocytes…?


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